Bike Accidents

Bicycle vs vehicle accidents are usually far different than your typical vehicle vs vehicle accidents for a variety of reasons.

The Injuries are More Severe

Bicycle crashes are, by far, much more serious collisions than than vehicle vs vehicle collisions for a very obvious reason – there’s very little protection for the cyclist. Add the fact that most of the injuries involve the skull and brain, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

We spend a lot of time in our practice training and fielding questions from other attorneys. The conclusion we’ve come to is that most bike-crashattorneys are simply not qualified or experienced enough to handle these types of cases due to the types of injuries involved. What we do as personal injury lawyers involves a high level of knowledge about the medical field, which 95% of attorneys don’t have. The result is the undervaluing of a case or, even worse, a client not getting the medical care they need.

That’s why we constsntly receive medical training and rigorously train our staff to identify the key the most common trouble issues in a serious bicycle case.

Children are Usually the Ones Injured

The sad truth is that bicycle collisions with cars and trucks usually involve young children. As fathers, it breaks our hearts when we get calls about cases involving children.

Handling cases involving children takes a special skill set, one which we have honed over the last several years.

More Legal Protections for Bicyclists

In most crashes between cars and bycicles, the bicyclist will have the right-of-way, which means by default that the driver of the car will be at fault.

An additional legal benefit is that in most cases the bicyclist will be considered a pedestrian since most crashes happen on sidewalks and in parking lots. Since cars and trucks almost always have to yield to pedestrians, the driver again would be considered at fault by default.