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Michael Liner – Social Security Disability Lawyer


Michael is proud to have been selected by his peers as one of the top Social Security Disability lawyers in Ohio. Though based in Cleveland, Michael has a national law practice and has helped his clients obtain benefits from coast to coast. With a commitment to providing the best client service available and a passion for tireless representation of his clients in their time of great need, Michael has helped his clients collect tens of millions of dollars in Social Security benefits.

Michael became a disability attorney because he knows what it is like to be challenged. As a child, he attended a special school for children with attention and behavior problems. His behavior problems were so severe in fact that he was ultimately expelled from that school. Michael also dealt with a range of neurological disorders including epilepsy and motor tic syndrome. When choosing a career path, it was important for Michael to find a field where he could help people going through experiences like his own.

Michael has successfully represented thousands of claimants seeking Social Security Disability benefits at all stages of litigation — from initial applications up through the Federal District Court level. In addition to his professional accomplishments Michael serves on numerous community and non-profit boards, but without question his greatest achievements have been marrying the love of his life, Hallie, and being a devoted father to Eliana and Dylan.

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