1. Intake Checklist
  2. Case Investigation Checklist
  3. Medical Record and Bill Request Checklist
  4. Demand Letter Checklist
  5. Litigation Checklist
  6. Information to Obtain After a Car Crash or Slip and Fall
  7. Settlement Statement Information Sheet


Personal Injury Forms

  1. Personal Injury Contract
  2. HIPAA Release
  3. Freedom of Information Act Request (Sunshine Request)

General Letters

  1. Freedom of Information Act Request

Letters to Insurance Adjusters

  1. Letter of Representation
  2. Simple Demand Letter
  3. Complex Demand Letter

Letters to Doctors and Medical Providers

  1. Request for Medical Bill
  2. Request for Medical Records
  3. Letter of Protection

Wage Forms

  1. Lost Wage Verification Form

Settlement Forms

  1. General Release
  2. Settlement Statement
  3. Settlement Distribution and Release of Attorney