Scar Injury – Can I Be Compensated for Pain and Suffering?

The Short Answer…

Yes. In fact, the largest part of the settlement for your scar injury will likely be from pain and suffering. But this is not always true (see below).

The Reason…

Many scar cases involve very little treatment, leaving your medical bills very low. This is the opposite of most injury cases where the medical bills are very high. However, the key difference is that a scar is often visible forever (depending on your recovery and treatment options available).

Visible injuries usually bring higher settlements for personal injury cases because the injury is a constant reminder of what happened to you, whether that be a car crash, a fall, a dog bite, etc. These reminders cause you to suffer from your injuries over and over again. Check out our article on keloid scars for information about the permanency of scars.

The Catch…

Revision surgery for scar injuries is getting better every day. This is leading to miraculous recoveries for our clients, which is great. The downside is that with a strong recovery, the insurance company will want to offer a lower settlement amount because they will claim your pain and suffering is minimized (because the daily reminder of seeing the scar goes away).

This may seem reasonable to you, but…

We Don’t Let The Insurance Company Get Away With That…

What about the trauma of having to go under the knife for surgery? What about the repeated trips to the doctor, both before and after surgery? And the likely need to have the scar revised in the future due to discoloration?

These are serious issues that the insurance company needs to compensate you for.

We hope this has answered your questions – if you have a scar injuries, you are entitled to every single penny, both for your actual damages and your pain and suffering.

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